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What is a Sydney 38?


Length Overall:   11.6 metres (38′ 6″)

Draft:   2.65 metres (8′ 8″)

Beam on Deck:    3.75 metres (12′ 4″)

Displacement:    5,250 kg

Design: Offering a fast, exciting and very easy to sail yacht, the Sydney 38 is designed for coastal and club racing as well as popular twilight sailing. With an appealing interior, the Sydney 38 also lends itself to corporate entertaining and weekend cruising. Benefiting from the extensive experience at Sydney Yachts, including the incredibly successful Sydney 41 and Admiral’s Cup Sydney 40, this new design will be a very fast yacht for its size.

The Sydney Yachts philosophy that “Performance is more important than rating.  Speed is timeless, whilst rating is subject to change” will be no more apparent than in the new  Sydney 38 design. The Sydney 38 is orientated toward the IRC rule (formerly CHS) as well as class racing.

With impressive performance, the Sydney 38 will also compete favourably on the many race courses of the world with various handicap systems. The result of the design is a very stiff yacht with high righting moment and moderate sail area,  which carries all of its ballast in the keel rather than as internal ballast which previous designs have required.

Interior: The interior finish is in line with Sydney Yachts recognised standard. Exposed moulded surfaces are finished with high loss gelcoat featuring timber trim and a satin finish. Other surfaces are coated with matt textured finish. Settee cushions are of  4” thick medium density foam with high quality fabric of the owner’s choice. The flooring is teak and wholly removable timber flooring.

Aft, on the port side the Sydney 38 a double owner’s berth with storage and hanging locker. Forward of this is a designated navigation station including provision for navigation equipment and electronics. Locating the navigation station in the centre of the yacht gives easy access to the yacht’s electrical controls such as lighting and easy reference to navigation instrumentation. The navigation table has a lifting top for storage and draws below. Moving forward, the saloon features a modular moulded L shape settee with removable table. The table is finished in radiating teak in gloss and will be a feature of the yacht’s interior.

The bow is fitted with a manual toilet on the port side with vanity. A hanging locker is on the starboard side for the frequent storage of hanging ropes and a seat is located forward of this. The remaining bow is open for sail and equipment storage in line with current racing yachts.

On the starboard side behind the main bulkhead the galley is situated with two burner stove, stainless steel sink and storage areas. The galley also features a large capacity icebox suitable for refrigeration. Aft of the galley is a settee, which doubles as a hard-bottomed sea berth and
features storage underneath. The aft starboard area has a hard bottom berth with pipe cot above. All settees and settee backs feature storage.

Deck: The deck is very simple in layout, benefiting from the swept back spreader, non-overlapping rig. The mainsheet is a split system and lead each side to a self-tailing winch. The non-overlapping headsails feature an adjustable car and all deck gear will be Harken equipment. The cockpit is very large for a 38″ yacht, which provides plenty of space for a crew to sail comfortably. In addition to this, the cockpit provides plenty of space for twilight racing and the many friends that this attracts. The deck has fixed polycarbonate windows with an opening hatch that ventilates and brightens the main saloon and galley.

Hull: The hull is laminated with vinylester and polyester resin using E-glass unidirectional and biaxial fabrics. The hull and deck is  fully cored using PVC foam and end grain balsa. The yacht features a GRP moulded structural grid incorporating unidirectional fibres to carry rig and keel loads.

Keel and Rudder: The keel is a high lift, low centre of gravity lead keel. The structure is linked to keel floors and internal plates with large stainless steel bolts. The keel features the latest aerodynamic America’s Cup style of bulb design from Murray Burns and Dovell’s extensive experience in this field.

Rig: The rig is a custom double spreader rig suiting non-overlapping headsails. Rigging is discontinuous Dyform rigging with custom metal work. The vang is a Forespar telescopic rigid arm vang. The running rigging is a custom package of Vectran, Spectra and braided polyester. The forestay is fitted with a twin groove headfoil and the mast has a spinnaker pole track with roller bearing car.

Mechanical: The Sydney 38 is fitted with the Yanmar 38HP saildrive unit with a racing folding propeller.

Backing: Sydney Yachts is the largest yacht construction company in the Southern Hemisphere. Support of this new design will be significant as well as the assurances of dealing with an industry leader. The ability of Sydney Yachts to back its product and support its owners is unchallenged. In addition to this, the commitment by Sydney Yachts to deliver a very cost competitive yacht of this new design assures owners that their resale value will be well protected. Sydney Yachts have won three Australian Boat of the Year Awards in the last four years with new designs. The developing Sydney Yachts brand and range further ensures that the Sydney 38 is a product owners can be proud to own and a symbol that will be recognised throughout the yachting world for many years to come.


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